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Cotton Quilting Fabric
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Cotton Quilting Fabric

Cotton quilting fabric, in it's various colors and textures, is what makes sewing and quilting so challenging and enjoyable. While it takes thread, needles and stitches performed by hand or on a sewing machine to create your sewing project, it is the quilting fabric that inspires your creativity. Nothing sparks wonderment like the visual appeal and texture of a fine quilt. Whether it tells the story of earlier generations or it depicts images of your other favorite hobbies or home décor elements, quilting touches everyone.

Walk down our fabric aisles in one of the Sew Shop's locations to explore bolt after bolt of fabric or browse the fabric swatch samples online to spur your cotton quilting fabric project ideas. The Sew Shop carries a variety of fabric items, including:
  • Cotton Quilting Fabric
  • Cotton Quilting Fabric Kits
  • Cotton Quilting Fabric Batting
  • Cotton Quilting Fabric Patterns
  • Cotton Quilting Fabric Designs
  • Cotton Quilting Fabric Cutter
  • Cotton Quilting Fabric Calculator

The Sew Shop carries a variety of cotton quilting fabric brands to fuel your inspiration, including:
  • South Sea Imprints
  • Windham Fabrics
  • Red Rooster Fabrics
  • Loralie Designs Fabric
  • Fabric Freedom
  • Baum Textile Mills
  • Blank Quilting Fabric
  • Galaxy Sheets
  • Art Gallery Fabrics
  • David Textiles and more.

To preview the cotton quilting fabric we carry and get inspired for your next project, see our Fabric page.

Once you've selected the cotton quilting fabric, determining how much you need can be problematic. While extra fabric may be economical for fabric patch repairs or for additional cotton quilting fabric pieces using the same fabric patterns, too much excess fabric is a waste. Otherwise, not having a enough cotton quilting fabric can delay the completion of your quilting project or cause a permanent snag should the cotton quilting fabric become discontinued or placed on back order.

Be prepared the next time you are buying cotton quilting fabric. With the Sew Shop's online fabric calculator you will never be at a loss about exactly how much cotton quilting fabric you need. Use our online fabric calculator now. 

Quilting has been a part of everyone's heritage at one point in time or another. Whether you make quilts for use during those chilly nights or to carry a family legacy onto the next generation, the Sew Shop offers a variety of cotton quilting fabrics to support your quilt's purpose.

Explore the possibilities at one of our local cotton fabric quilting fabric centers or call the Sew Shop at
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. For our online customers, feel free to call us or use the contact form below to send us any cotton quilting fabric questions you may have.

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